Reducing our Impact

We’ve been part of the Christchurch community for decades and recognise how important the community is to us.  

We’ve put measures in place to reduce our impact on the environment and improve sustainability over the long term.  Here are some of the ways we reduce our impact on the environment:
In Our Factory
We installed power saver sensors throughout the factory, so lighting only switches on when the level of light drops below a certain point.
In Our Machines
We choose servo electric machines ahead of hydraulic powered to reduce the use and disposal requirements of oil.   Many of our machines consume less energy overall than traditional machinery.

Prima Power Green Means (E-series) Punch
  • Generates 35% of the energy it uses from it’s own operational power, reducing energy wastage
Laser cutters:
  • Feature a heat exchange unit to capture the heat generated through the machines’ use, this is then converted to a heat source to warm the factory during winter!
  • Feature filtered extraction systems which removes particles which cause damage to the environment and create a safer workplace for our employees  
With the Materials We Use
We recycle all of our scrap steel, scrap plastics, scrap cardboard and scrap paper. 

We use the correct environmental disposal methods to dispose of waste powder coat.